Course Norms

What is a Norm

Some classes adopt classroom expectations which is better than rules since rules carry a negative connotation in terms of outcomes reinforced via punitive consequences or sanctions when the rule is not met. Expectations are great and certainly set a tone, but they imply a hopefulness or request for positive action. However, I believe norms are best since they outline principles that bind a group serving to always remind us of what is a standard embraced by the group. They are more than expectations, they are civil responsibilities that ensure positive interactions and growth. We don't try to adopt them, we assume that we are all working at becoming better at employing them in our daily lives. They create a powerful shared vision to better all of us.

Our Norms

This is not a complete list and we can add to it if you come across one that you feel we are embracing. Together we:

  • work with vision and optimism
  • establish an open, respectful and fair culture
  • realize that we all struggle at times, but we don't allow this to define us, but rather challenges us to grow
  • accept responsibility for our actions, emotions, responses and attitudes
  • work to build each other's capacity and esteem
  • make courageous choices
  • feed our passions
  • engage and encourage everyone's contributions
  • focus on learning and growth
  • work to find solutions not faults
  • encourage and support curiosity
  • see only each other's potential
  • focus on becoming the person we want to be
  • embrace difference

  • Norms